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Manufacturers and welders today have to meet higher expectations in less time and with fewer resources. With the ongoing welder shortage, it’s getting harder to find and keep qualified, experienced welders. Metal fabricators and welders require smart solutions to streamline their processes and attract and retain top talent.

Large weldments and fixtures that weigh thousands of pounds increase the difficulty of the task at hand. They also increase the potential for danger. Out-of-place and difficult-to-reach positions waste time and energy. Compared to standard handling equipment, welding positioners help you make better parts faster—and without so much risk. Highly skilled welders can use the positioner to move around and weld flawlessly, and less-seasoned welders can manipulate pieces weighing as much as 35,000 pounds for easier access and better results in less time.

Positioners: Protect Your Team and Optimize Your Processes

Too often, manufacturers rely on unsafe practices to weld large or unwieldy pieces—strapping pieces that weigh thousands of pounds to forklifts or cranes. Or worse? Welders have to place themselves in awkward or dangerous positions to get just the right angle to achieve the best outcomes. 

When you pair this information with the fact that the welder shortage will exceed 314,000 by 2024, it’s clear that many shops and manufacturers need better tools for faster, safer, more efficient welding practices. 

Welding positioners solve many of these issues. Large, heavy, or awkward weldments are bolted securely to the positioner, which controls the rotation of the parts. They provide 360 degrees of rotation, better access to difficult angles, and synchronization to stay level, offering a more secure center of gravity. Novice welders have better control, and your entire team has less risk of occupational injury.

nexAir is proud to offer industry-leading welding positioners that can expertly handle as much as 35,000 pounds, engineered by pioneers in the field for peak performance and lasting use.

Welding Positioner

Get the lift you need for efficient and precision welding.

Is a Welding Positioner Right For You?

At nexAir, our goal isn’t to sell you unnecessary instruments and maintenance services. We’ve built our company around a single mission: Providing you with pragmatic solutions to improve your processes from start to finish. 

We’ll carefully review your processes and then leverage our years of experience to pick the best solutions to support your operations. Our welding positioners may be ideal for you if: 

  • Your team is feeling the pinch of the welder shortage
  • You want to nurture a safer work environment
  • You want to retain talented team members with better processes
  • You handle large pieces that require careful, precise manipulation

We’ll help you decide. And if our products aren’t the right fit? We won’t recommend products you don’t need. 

The nexAir team values truth, integrity, and honesty and our job is to serve you. This means helping you make the most of the solutions you need—and helping you discern which ones you don’t.

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