Roadnet allows customers to see in real time when their products are going to be delivered and ensures the product gets to the right location at the right time.

The customer receives notifications providing them with ETA windows, updates on delays, and delivery confirmation.

Roadnet Customer Benefits:

Product to the right location at the right time.

Geo-coded drop locations, specified delivery time windows, and customer-specific notes for the driver help ensure our customers get the product they need when and where they expect it.

Stay Informed

Customer notifications allow customers to sign up to receive ETA windows, updates on delays, and delivery confirmation.

Save Time
Customers can receive the information they want when they want it. nexTrack push notifications will send up-to-date information on a customer’s delivery – saving them time from checking on their order status.

Delivery Updates
Customers can receive real time updates on the status of their order. If there is a change to the ETA of their order, nexTrack will make sure they are the first to know.

Customized Messaging
Messaging that fits the customer’s needs. nexTrack allows customers to chose how they receive notifications (text or email format). Customers can choose to receive all notifications or specific ones, such as initial ETA only or undeliverable only.

Delivery Confirmation
Customers can receive end-to-end care from order to delivery. nexTrack’s alert system seamlessly takes customers through the delivery process – notifying the customer once their order has been delivered.

Enhanced Customer Service

With access to Roadnet, the Customer Support Center can view truck locations in real-time, allowing them to offer more accurate on-site arrival times.

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