How Does a Blast Chiller Work?

How Does a Blast Chiller Work?

Blast chillers are a rising player in catering services, the confectionery sector, and the food and beverage industry in general. They help retain the quality and nutritional value of food. The blast chiller market revenue is expected to cross $2 billion by 2027.

But what exactly are blast chillers? How do they work, and how can they help your business in your efforts to Forge Forward as market trends and consumer expectations continue to evolve? Keep reading to learn more.


What Does a Blast Chiller Do?

Blast chillers are quite straightforward. These electronic appliances help lower the temperature of food quickly and are therefore also called flash freezers or blast freezers. Blast chillers work by blowing cool air over any food or beverage placed inside them.  

In addition to the food and beverage industry, blast chillers have also proven to be in high demand within the medical industry. They are used to preserve the quality of vaccines and other medical essentials when they aren’t scheduled for use yet. 


How Are Blast Chillers Different from Freezers?

Blast chillers are used for food that requires frozen packaging or food that needs to be cooled quickly. They typically have various settings that allow them to rapidly cool down something regardless of its initial temperature — hot, warm, chilled, or cold.

They typically come with multiple shelves that conveniently hold food pans and even sheet pans that need to be chilled or stored at extremely low temperatures.

Commercial freezers can also keep food products frozen for an extended period. However, they fall short when it comes to rapidly freezing food.


What Are the Benefits of a Blast Chiller?

Blast chillers do more than freeze food instantly and for a prolonged period. The rapid freezing process prevents large ice crystals from forming and affecting the flavor and quality of the products. It also locks in nutrients and vitamins and reduces bacterial growth.

Here are the key benefits of using a blast chiller:

  • Prevent bacteria and microorganisms from forming on pre-cooked food
  • Maintains the moisture content of all kinds of food products, from meats to vegetables, maintaining their integrity
  • Locks in the freshness and flavor of food
  • Retain nutrients 
  • Ensures food safety standards are met
  • Streamlines and quickens the food prep process
  • Extend the shelf life of food products

Many chefs, particularly those specializing in desserts, invest in high-quality blast chillers that help cool down food products quickly minus the formation of ice crystals.

How Do Blast Chillers Help Avoid Food Contamination?

The food industry is well aware that any food product that stays within the 41°F to 135°F temperature range for too long is prone to contamination. Any food product that has spent four consecutive hours within this temperature range must be thrown away for food safety purposes and to prevent food poisoning.

In addition, the FDA has set strict limits on how quickly heated or semi-cooked food must be cooled if they are meant to be stored or frozen. Hazardous bacteria can form on such food if the cooling process takes longer than prescribed. 

Blast chillers solve that problem by cooling food products fast enough and lowering the temperature of pre-cooked food heading for storage, preventing bacterial contamination. 


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