nexAir Opens Advanced Welding & Cutting Demonstration Lab

by | Oct 18, 2015

nexAir, a distributor of atmospheric gases and welding supplies, recently opened an Advanced Welding and Cutting Demonstration Lab in Memphis.

The demonstration lab is part of a major renovation of nexAir’s downtown facility, complete with additional office space, a fully-operational retail store and two classrooms/presentation areas.
nexAir will use the demonstration lab for training both employees and customers. Training in the demonstration lab can be accompanied by additional training in one of the two classroom areas, where sessions will include technology overviews and will demonstrate equipment value.

“The recent growth in the U.S. manufacturing industry led us to realize the need for a facility that represents the latest in welding and cutting technology,” said Kevin McEniry, chief executive officer at nexAir. “With the industry moving so rapidly toward automation, we want to demonstrate to our employees and customers that nexAir has the equipment their companies need to save time, money and resources.”
nexAir has invested over a quarter of a million dollars into this new facility, purchasing equipment such as a Miller PerformArc pre-engineered robotic work cell, a Retro Systems plasma cutting table and a micro-bulk gas system. The demonstration lab also includes three welding stations featuring Fronius, Lincoln Electric, Miller and Hypertherm welding equipment and accessories.

The demonstration lab is led by sales engineer Samantha Noland, who trains in welding and robotics and conducts automation sales and support. Noland is among the 4.8 percent of the welding, soldering & brazing profession who are women, according to the 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“The innovative tools and equipment in our demonstration lab really enable me and the nexAir team to share best practices with employees and customers,” said Noland. “There is no other facility like this in the Midsouth, and it really is rewarding for us to be able to share inventive processes with our customers that can ultimately help their businesses become more efficient.”

All equipment and accessories demonstrated in the facility are products sold by nexAir, enabling customers to learn about and physically try the equipment before making a purchasing decision. In fact, customers may come into the demonstration lab with product specifications of their own and see firsthand how the equipment in the demonstration lab can expedite their own welding and cutting methods.

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