Cannabis Industry

A Dynamically Changing Industry

The cannabis industry is one that has been in a state of dynamic change. Beginning with the legalization of marijuana for medical use in California in 1996, and more recently the legalization of recreational use in Colorado and Washington in 2012, this young industry has faced some challenges in how to best produce product efficiently and effectively. 36 states now deem medical use of the product legal and 19 states now legalize recreational use. CBD products have also become a growing segment of consumer products for a variety of applications, such as pain relief. The industry has followed suit with moving to formalize approaches in growing techniques and has found they are relying more on industrial gas suppliers for pure forms of key gases that aid in production and yields.

As this industry continues to develop, change and expand, you can rely on your nexAir gas providers to deliver the most effective and pure gases available for your cannabis production facilities that will meet your standards. Contact your nexAir representative for the gases you need and rely on their KnowHow to help you make the smartest selection for your specific applications.

Industry Gases


Carbon Dioxide

Growers are approaching the farming techniques with more and more industrial efficiency and are leveraging the power of carbon dioxide in increasing the amount of growth and yield of mature plants. With greenhouse facilities being employed, CO2 has been shown to increase yields by 10 to 25% and application of CO2 has proved to increase leaf growth by at least 30%. Compressed liquid CO2 can be applied through cylinders or in bulk gas applications, delivered in a metered way as to deliver effective amounts (in ppm) to the plants as well to keep workers safe during applications.



While the burning of propane in certain operations and particular seasons will help in raising temperatures needed during the growth cycle, it can also produce by products (water, CO2, CO) that can help in production, yet also produce some by-products that can be harmful to both the plants and the workers who tend harvest them. Propane and butane also play an important role in extraction. Extraction is the conversion of targeted molecules in cannabis that can be used in a variety of end products. Propane and butane can play a role in removing the oils acting as a solvent to get to the key elements that producers are looking to extract, such as THC, CBD, terpenes and some others. These gases, used in extraction, are key elements in producing products that increase its medical benefits for the user and a more impactful recreational end product.

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